Friday, June 27, 2008

F&N Guess & Win Contest

Grand Prize x 1 : PHILIPS Products worth RM 50,000
1st Prize x 1 : Habib Jewels Jewellery Set worth RM 25,000
2nd Prize x 1 : SuperStar Gemini Cruise Holiday Package for 2 worht RM11,534
3rd Prize x 1 : OGAWA Smart 10 Massage Chair worth RM9,988
Weekly Early Bird x 50 : Dining Voucher x 9 weeks worth RM50 each
DEADLINE: 1 May - 30 June 2008

This is the contest I participated lately. I like this contest much as it requires us to guess the exact total weight of all the Philips products. We can find most of the products online, but not all weight is given, some are included with the packaging weight, some of it didn't even mention about the weight. This is very challenging I can say.

Besides putting effort in it,buy their product, most importantly is this contest makes me realize how blur & "smart" I am. I knew that the date line is 30th June 2008, but I thought that it was next Thursday. Just until today that I realize 30th June falls on next Monday,then there I rushed to post office in Ampang Park, Kuala Lumpur today. Wonder the form will reach their office in Selangor on time not! I guess there are no prize for late bird like me. Hehe.

The moral of the story is Don't do things last minute. I learnt my lesson, how about you?

Anyway, win or lost not really that important to me, the most important is the progress of participating in this contest. Quite enjoy it! I am still unclear about when they will be announcing the list of winners! Good luck for those who has participated in this contest.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Teddy Bear Fiesta

I am shopping for Teddy Bear now.

June - August is the period of convocation depends on the University. There are so many Teddy Bears in the market, but is totally hard for me to choose. Though is not for myself, But a teddy bear with standing height of 2 Ft is not cheap at all especially those with nice teddy-bear "fur" cost above Rm100. Since it is not cheap, better choose the coolest one!

The teddy bear in the picture is on the top of my choice, their price is between RM 159.90 - Rm 199.90 before discount. The fake fur of Mr Teddy is quite soft, I guess should be good quality. By the way, is Teddy male or female? Do they have different sex like Mickey and Minnie?

Can anyone tell me how much this 2ft teddy bear cost?


Recently I saw this table lamp in S & J in 1 Utama. Actually this lamp is very cute. It is not super extra-ordinary as you can see it in places like living Cabin etc.

The uniqueness of this picture is that they put various different "towel" to cover the "switch" of the lamp and there is a small note at the corner stating:

Pls don't pull my towel,
It's embarrassing...........
( >///< )

Lets give them thumbs up for their creativity! you can't find these towels else where.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

All of us have super heroes in our heart. I am not exceptional. To me, my favorite character will be:
  • supper-man
  • bad-man
This happened long long time ago during I was young. I like everything of them. I like their poster, I like their costume, I like their strength, I even like their underwear. Hehe. This reminds me of a joke.

Teacher:"What is the main difference between superman and batman?"
Me:"superman wear their underwear outside their shirt, but batman wear it on his face."

Just kidding, that was NOT me. Everything hike up recently (thanks our PM for the immediate increment of the petrol price), high inflation, not even have additional pocket money to go for movie. Anyone that is able to provide me a help will be my superhero.

Will it be him to reduce the petrol price?

Or her to provide me a free movie ticket?
For your information, Nuffnang is giving away free movie tickets not to be missed. For more information: CLICK HERE
See you there.

Mister Potato

Mister Potato is having their contest again! But I still prefer Jack & Jill potato chips for myself. While I am serving net, found their advertisement regarding their contest and get to their website. This time their contest is quite tempting for football fans, not me. I am not good in football. Not to say not interested in it but may be a little interest on it, that's all. Normally I watched it with friends in those Mamak store while meet up with my gangs.
I can say most of my friends are MU fans.

For those that is interested to join this contest can log on to their website as follow:
Official website: Mister Potato.

I like their website. To me, this is around the bestest and nicest website I have been to. They have moving vehicles that make their website seems real. Moreover, they even have their Cinema showing the advertisement of Mister Potato. I like this advertisement as well, it is so hilarious.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol Price hike up again

I guess everyone know petrol price in Malaysia increased of Rm0.78/litre reaching Rm2.70 which effective on 5th June 2008, today. It's a 40% increment, not to mention about Diesel.

Even those not reading newspapers or watching TV knew this as well, thanks to Pak Lah for giving us a great surprise. I mean everyone knew the petrol price is going to increase sooner or later but not this soon. Can anyone tell me why. Why he always has to announce things last minute, and make everyone scramble to petrol station making all the every where jammed. Just imagine, I wasted 1 and a half hour to reach the petrol station located 10 minutes walking distance from my house. Let us all give a round applause for our prime minister, Abdullah.

Abdullah Our Hero

I wondered, why the gov cant just tell us earlier, at least one week earlier, so we are well-prepared for this. In addition, I heard that the increment will fall on August, am I heard wrongly? Or just a lie? It goes the same for the date of election where PM said the election will not be so soon, then he suddenly he popped out and announced:"308"! Can anyone just go & tell PM that we, Malaysian are stressed enough for price increment lately & we don't deserved such a last-minute surprise, it is not cute but annoying. Yes, our salary increase as well, with the lowest percentage. I guess now someone has to abandoned their BMW and go for BMX!

By the way, as a tax payer, I am doubted whether the government is using our money wisely. it is all our "bloody sweat" money.

Out of topic

Recently, I have come across a blog, wonder what I should say: "@#$%"
I personally like the way she blog, quite cute I can say, but somehow is sad to hear the content. Don't get what I mean, then CLICK HERE (suicdes-near)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Made of Honour

Made of Honour (by Patrick Demsy) will be shown in cinema on 19th June. Can you imagine now you can watch this movie 2 days earlier and with all the Advertlets blogger? No joke. I guess most of you are Advertlets blogger, why not have a try, just log on to their website for detail:

I cant imagine how amazing it will be by watching this movie with all the advertlets blogger! In addition, is 2 days earlier. Yes, is 2 days earlier!! By the time your friends are queuing up for the tickets, you can just proudly go around telling the storiy. I have watched the trailer & I can tell you, you're not going to miss this movie if you love Patrick Demsy. Hoorays, what are you waiting for? See you there.